This page contains the latest terms, conditions and management policies of AXIS Contracting.

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The above document is the AXIS Contracting quality policy, relating to company goals regarding quality management (ISO9001)

Basic Contract Conditions

The above document is the latest terms and conditions applicable to minor works performed by AXIS Contracting. It is formed from the Basic CoC issued by the QLD Housing and Public Works department and is compliant with all relevant Australian Standards, regulations and contract law.

Business Management

The above document is forms the core of AXIS Contracting's intergrated management system and approach to all works. It is an over-arching document and should be considered as applicable to all works and projects undertaken by AXIS Contracting.

Environmental Management

The above document captures the goals and broad policies of AXIS Contracting regarding environmental impacts, risks and waste management. AXIS Contracting is committed to industry targets for waste recovery and recycling and can offer tailored solutions according to client needs.

HSR Management

The above document outlines AXIS Contracting's approach to health, safety and rehabilitation. This policy applies to all work undertaken and is also applicable to sub-contractors and vendors (except where prohibited by contract, Act or Regulation).